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SMD Soldering station, rework stations ,hot air gun , solder iron,with power 3 in 1 /YIHUA YH-853D+


Soldering Rework Station with Smoke Absorber /YIHUA-968DB+

2 in 1 IR preheating station bga soldering station combined /YIHUA YH-862D+ & YH-853A(Black)

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Product Description

  • Output Power: 725W +600 W 
  • Temperature Stability: Good 
  • Brand Name: YIHUA 
  • Outlet temperature: 200-400 Celsius Degree 
  • Input Voltage: AC 220V
  • Dimensions: 130x190x250mm (862D + only) 
  • Model Number: YIHUA YH-862D+ & YH-853A(Black)
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China 
  • Working temperature for 862D +: 300-380 degree celsius 
  • Working temperature for 853A: 200-300 degree celsius 
  • Airflow kind for 862D +: Supplied by Air Fan 
  • Airflow size for 862D +: 120Liter/Minute 
  • Temperature display Mode: LED digital display (resolution is 1 Degree Celsius) 
  • Noise size: Less than 45 Decibel


Characteristics YH 862D + Hot Air Gun :

1 . YH 862D + uses the latest microprocessor pid program

can accurately and digital display

The temperature of hot air gun and soldering iron .

the total power is large enough to increase rapidly

The heating temperature , not influnced size by hot air flow ,

Who actually do the lead- free recast much easier.


2 . every millisecond , the program can monitor the actual temperature

Air gun and heat sealing iron

incredible speed temperature compensation

Build muscle temperature stability more

Termperature error is very small,

And good for the environment different work ;


3.fuction uniqueil of security will automatically detect

Heat gun if the handle is in the holder ,

When you power on the station .

In this way , it can prevent the safety risks caused

By the fall of the handle downwards .


Each part of the station can detect even completely

also with fully smart fuction

On display over- temperature , short circuit, open circuit, overload .


4 . 862D + yh is designed man - amicalequalité ,

hot air gun manual and automatic fuction have control

You can set depending on the work environment,

Please select manually control if you use frequently,

This will save more timeof temperature increase ,

Greatly improve the efficiency of your work.


5.Pièces inside the station is samsung . shelled micro - . processor

have very few external components

And the last surface mount technology ( smt )

The signal flow is very clear,

The stability and safety of the station is improved increasingly .


6.La station uses high - quality silicone handle online

Able to meet the needs frequent .

High - termperature reshuffle also very safe for you.


7.Entièrement shielded copper transformer , low - loss , low - noise , reliable, high - stability.


8 . Certificate : British Intertek , ISO9001 - 2008, .


Characteristics YH 853A soldering iron :

1 . uses silicone handle with a high heating imported core ;

2 . static fuction to protect components and ;

3 . handle is light and handy, you will not feel tired even to lonng - time recovery;

4 . uses ceramic hob , heating temperature may rise rapidly, and have a long life ;

5 . sizes of soldering iron tips, you can freely replace if necessary.