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3M Sticker Tape Adhesive Repairing Cellphone Touch Digitizer +LCD Display Screen (Wide:1mm-10mm)

3M Sticker Tape Adhesive Repairing Cellphone Touch Digitizer +LCD Display Screen (Wide:1mm-10mm)

LCD special curing lamp UV light curing adhesive glue 36W 220-240V ( LOCA ) curing lamps UV ultraviolet light

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Product Description


Product Name: Drawer UV Curing Machine

This product is suitable for Apple Samsung HTC and other LCD cover

Curing dedicated

The machine is faster and more complete curing machine equipped with four 9-watt energy-saving UV light was irradiated from above and on both sides of the LCD to make better and more comprehensive cure.

Compact and flexible pre-cured surface can be fully cured cured cured side

1, the machine beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, space-saving, wide range of quality, reliable, safe, easy to operate.

2, The machine can move work, arbitrary strength and flexibility.
3, curing speed, 10 seconds positioning completely cured within 5 minutes.
4, after the constant voltage transformer high-voltage start working, can effectively extend the lamp life.
Product Features: 36W four lamps can be 120 seconds self-timer or a long bright switch control!

[Light shining time] 120 seconds timer or a long bright

[Packing specification] 29 * 25 * 12cm

Weight: 1.3 kg

How to use:

This lamp has a long bright and timing two tranches, regular time is 120 seconds. The upper part of the lamp black button with three stalls in the middle circle file is stopped, a file is long bright bars, two bars file for the timing, the red switch is timed button. Switch to two black bars at the timing, and click the red button. Light for the timing light status, time after lights automatically turn off.


Lamp mounted on the machine, and not installed on the machine, to prevent the transport of shaking, causing the lamp rupture,

Lamp Installation:

Please note that when inserted tube

1, first plug on both sides of the lamp, and then plug the middle.

2, with your fingers inside the tube where the metal interfaces plug (remember not to seize the head, so it is easy to insert tubes bad), inserted when you hear a 'light "sound, indicating plugged in, the light jiggle it, the lamp motionless, that the installation was successful