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Induction Style Ionizing Air Snake

Induction Style Ionizing Air Snake

anti static gloves esd gloves antistatic gloves

10 Pairs/lot Anti Static Gloves ESD Gloves Antistatic Gloves

Anti electrostatic ion fan for mobile repairing on Wet Bench

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Mainly used for: electronic equipment factory, the precision electronic components integrated circuit factories, film factories, filmfactories, paper mills, and a variety of easy to produce static electricity so that products absorb dust factory.

Industry hazards
Generation of static electricity in the industrial production is inevitable, which can mainly be attributed to damage caused by the following two mechanisms:
First: Electrostatic discharge (ESD) hazards:
(A) cause electronic equipment failure or malfunction, causing electromagnetic interference.
(2) Breakdown of integrated circuits and precision electronic components, or to procure component aging, reduce production yield.
(3) high-voltage electric shock caused by electrostatic discharge, threaten personal safety.
(4) in a multi-inflammable and explosive materials or dust, oil mist production sites easily cause an explosion and fire.

Second, the electrostatic attraction (ESA) the harm caused by:
(1) Electronic Industry: adsorption of dust, causing contamination of integrated circuits and semiconductor devices, greatly reducingyield.
(2) Film and plastics industry: the film or film rewinding missing; film, CD plastic plate from dust, impact on quality.
(3) paper and printing industry: paper rewinding arrhythmia, misregistration, sewage suction serious, and even paper bond, affecting production.
(4) the textile industry: Causes filaments flowing, handcrafted flowers decapitation, tangled yarn and other hazards.
Ion fan is to provide a balanced ion flow, wide range of concentration zone tables

SIMCO PC ion fan
Aerostat PC's patented design is instinctively reached to 0 /-5V ion balance, eliminating the maintenance of trouble adjusting thebrain, very sensitive to electrostatic damage to components, to provide the best protection.
Built-in patented electrostatic wipe clean needles, simplify maintenance procedures.
Some models provide warm air, so the operator comfortable.
Class 100 Cleanroom compatible
0 /-5V residual voltage (ion balance)
Rapid elimination of static electricity
Ion output indicator
Built-in patented electrostatic wipe clean needles

Brand No.  JX3214
Line Voltage 120VAC.60Hz 230VAC,50Hz
Current Draw





Air Volume output

Fan Speed






Air Flow Characteristics 1'*5'Area Coverage
Size 35*25*23CM
Weight 3KG


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