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BST-493 Smoke Absorbe

Smoke Absorbe 220V /BEST BST-493

Cooling fan, repair mobile cooling, replace the IC to cool 12x12x3.7CM 220v

Cooling fan, repair mobile cooling, replace the IC to cool 12x12x3.7CM 220v

Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner /BEST BST-800

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BEST-800 Ultrasonic Cleaner for nipple and jewelry 

The series of BEST ultrasonic device is clearly designed to introduce advanced technology, Switzerland. By CPU control. Stainless steel used to build the body. Very beautiful appearance, high efficiency, stable performance, long service life. Widely used in the cleaning requirements of high optical quality, watch parts, fine jewelry bearings, medical equipment, electronic PCB boards. 

  • BEST-800 Ultrasonic Dimension (MM): (H * W * L) 210 * 150 * 130.
  • Container size (MM): (L * W * H) 150 * 95 * 50.
  • Total power: 35W. Frequency :20-50kHz.
  • Supply voltage: 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ ultrasonic cleaning 

Ultrasonic cleaning tank installed in the oscillator to generate ultrasonic energy (thousands of wave atmospheric pressure), will be cleaning all the way to the sink. 

Immersion cleaning 
Joined in the cleaning tank cleaning solution, which will be impregnated with cleaning the sink mode. Since the chemical cleaning solution alone cleaning, so washing is weak, take a long time. Circulating cleaning fluid 
Surface cleaning is the removal of liquid and solid pollutants, so that the clean surface up to a certain extent. Cleaning process is the cleaning media, contaminants, surface interactions between the three, is a complex physical and chemical processes. Cleaning not only pollutants in the nature, type, shape and degree of adhesion, and physical and chemical properties of the cleaning medium, cleaning performance, the workpiece material, surface state, but also with the cleaning conditions such as temperature, pressure and additional ultrasonic vibration , mechanical force and other factors. Therefore, choosing scientific and reasonable cleaning process, the need for process analysis. 


  • 1, high-power transducer, the effect is strong 
  • 2, large-capacity within the tank can be used for professional cleaning 
  • 3, with a forced cooling device can work a long time 
  • 4, the safety circuit design, PCBA moisture treatment. 

Professional departments: 

  • Laboratories, electronic shop, optical shop, jewelry shops, watch shop, mobile phone repair shops, hospital dentistry, office supplies and household goods 


  • Printer Motou (no special cleaning solution, you can just tap water), electronic products, glasses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, dentures, medical equipment, machinery and metal parts, golf, CD discs , shaving heads, pen, coins, badges, bottles, pacifiers, etc. 


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