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LCD Holder Plastic Tray For Mobile Phone Repairing To Hold LCD Safely

2pcs - LCD Holder Plastic Tray For Mobile Phone Repairing To Hold LCD Safely

lcd holder plastic tray for mobile phone repairing to hold lcd safely

lcd holder plastic tray for mobile phone repairing to hold lcd safely

Latest 3 in 1 Air bubble remover machine Autoclave for cell phone LCD Refurbishment

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Product Description

1.Safety rules

      For your personal safety, please read the manual carefully, be familiar with the machine's applications and limitations, as well as the related potential danger .

A.  Please read the manual carefully before usage.

B.  Do not start device before closing the doors.

C.  Do not force to open the debubblers door or screwing the screws before eliminateing air bubbles or existing cavity pressure.

D. Using a third ground connection,poor ground line may cause equipment damage or endanger personal safety.

E.  Only professional man can open electrical boxes.


2.Machine technicals

Machine driver:AC220V  900W

Optional for AC110V /AC220V

Working environment:20-30℃,clean and dustfree.

Efficiency : 1H/80pcs(defoaming assisted type)

Heating mode: constant temperature heating

Device size:420*310*300mm

Device weight(NT):32kg

Device power:900W


Defoaming parameters

Cavity size:H 200m,Diameter 120mm(put into 15pcs 7-inch screen one-time)

Working temperature:Suggested set 35°C~45°C(can be adjustable according to different OCA temperature)

Defoaming time:Suggested 8~10 minutes(it is best)


Air compressor parameters



Vacuum Pump parameters

Power:AC220V  50Hz 20uF 550W Rated current 2.6A


3. Operation Process of Air compressor

   1. Closed the door;

   2. Turn on the Inflatable key ;

   3. Wait the pressure from tank to get at the setting ;

   4. Connect the targed machine by tube with this machine ;

   5. Turn on the Valve of air compressor.


4. Operation Process of Vacuum Pump

   1. Power on ;

   2. Connect the targed machine by tube with this machine ;

3. Press Vacuum Bottom;

4.Handle the Vacuum Time by operator ;

5. Press Vacuum botton again when you need stop vacuum .


5. Operation Process of Bubble removing

      Note:The bubble will be larger after fitting, because of OCA glue.we can remove bubbles as following tip。


      1. Put the LCD with OCA glue onto foam(Note stagger cable foam of  IC position)

      2. Open the door and put into the tray to compartment

      3. Close the door

      4. Push button

      5. Set the time according to remaining bubbles.

      6. Push button again and take out.


       1. Used defoaming assisted type for debubblers.

2. Put product into the debubblers cavity, 15pcs 7-inch screen one-time.

3. Close door.

4. Set the time and press start button for debubblers. (Time suggest 10mins, temperature suggest 32 Celsius. )

5. Debubblers was deflated completely after setting time,also take out from the door.




6. Features

* Can be used by Autoclave, Air compressor, Vacuum Pump ;

* Can be working with KO No.1 Vacuum OCA Laminating machine ;

* No more installation, just plug on can start to work ;

* Small vibration, quiet, safe and durable;

* Debubblers cavity materials is 304 15mm stainless steel,safe ;

* The components are imported from Japan ;

* Simple one-touch operation ;

* Japan temperature control, temperature can be accurate to + / - 1 ℃ ;

* Debubblers mode does not affect  on the operation mode of air compressor and vacuum pump ;

* Small Volume. Compact and Convenient. Three functions in one machine.


7. Maintenance


Pay Attention


check and clean odds and ends

Filter valve

Regularly Release water(Suggest one time each two weeks)

Cooling network

check and clean odds and ends




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