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Hot Air Gun / Constant Temperature Soldering iron 2 in 1 Digital display PID Station

Hot Air Gun / Constant Temperature Soldering iron 2 in 1 Digital display PID Station /YIHUA YH-8786D


2 in 1 IR preheating station bga soldering station combined /YIHUA YH-862D+ & YH-853A(Black)

SMD Soldering station, rework stations ,hot air gun , solder iron,with power 3 in 1 /YIHUA YH-853D+

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Product Description


YH-853 D + power imported heater triple power hot air desoldering station (3 A)

     The maintenance system is my company according to the current mobile communications equipment maintenance and independent innovation design products, is now apply for the People's Republic of China national intellectual property patent, national independent intellectual property rights protection, he with the most comprehensive the most powerful function by the consumer's favor! He used the latest technology design of integrated the patch hot air guns, electric welding machine, the power supply three function to merge into an integral whole. The most intuitive hot air guns, DianLaoTie LED temperature double display, and the program accurate temperature control, LED the outlet temperature precise display! The power supply voltage and current of using LED whose hands instructions, the most advanced short circuit protection to be automatic recovery circuit, overall play maintenance function.

Hot air desoldering Taiwan part features:

  • sensor closed loop, microcomputer zero trigger control temperature, double LED display, temperature precise stable, from the influence of air, and achieved the lead-free desoldering.
  • function tips, and fault alarm. Such as the parts, heater, circuit boards, breaks down, soldering stations that would ring fault signal, indicating that the staff for inspection.
  • gas flow rate can be adjusted, big air volume and a soft wind, temperature convenient adjustment, can adapt to a variety of utility.
  • handle equipped with induction switch, as long as the hand shake hands handle, the system can be quickly into the work mode; After the handle handle frame, the system will be in standby mode, the real-time operation is convenient.
  • system with automatic air cooling function, can prolong the life and protection to the hot air guns.
  • the brushless fan, a long life and low noise; Heater USES the high quality heating element, durable, can prolong the service life.

Constant temperature welding machine part features:

  • using high power imported heater, warming rapidly, in addition to adapt to the general welding outside, still is especially suitable for high strength, high temperature, big solder welding.
  • accurate temperature control model, show the actual working temperature precise, can effectively protect precision and tender components.
  • hand and 22, long time use never feel tired.
  • a soldering iron USES high-grade ferroalloy materials, beautiful appearance, durable.
  • antistatic design, better protection of components.

Power features:

  • use the most advanced short circuit protection to be automatic recovery circuit, protect the speed, and the alarm prompt function, to rule out after short-circuit fault can be in 1 seconds to be automatic recovery output. * the machine also has a voltage measurement interface, can substitute for precision digital voltmeter to measure dc voltage.
  • a mobile phone radiofrequency signal detection function.


Working parameters:

  • category: LED digital display microcomputer
  • power consumption: 820 W
  • airflow type: brushless fan soft wind
  • gas flow: 120 litres/minute (maximum)
  • FengQiang temperature adjustment range: 100 c-480 c
  • solder iron temperature adjustment range: 200 c-480 c
  • power adjustment range: DC 0-15 V * display the current range: 0-3 A
  • display form: soldering stations part LED digital (resolution 1 c)
  • noise: less than 45 dB
  • handle component length (including the handle line) : 120 cm
  • body weight: 4.8 kg