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Lead-free Soldering Paste 50g /BEST BST-705


Best 0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8/1.0mm Tin Lead Solder Soldering Wire Rosin Core 100g

Tin Paste(500g) / BEST BST-508

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Product Description

Solder Paste Model: BST-508
Product ingredients: Sn63/Pb37
Product melting point: 183℃

Product features:

1: this product is no clean solder paste, residue is few, need not cleaning.

2: residue for colorless transparent shape, fine appearance.

3: printing fine performance, the applicable to hand and machine are printing.

4: stripping good, continuous printing stable performance, won't produce bridge even phenomenon.

5: moisturizing effect is good, can adapt to long time printing.

6: can adapt to 0. 3 mm spacing of the printing requirements.

7: good, can effectively solve the wettability virtual welding and unhealthy phenomenon.

8: a wide range of curvilinear technology humidity, less dependence curve.

9: after welding bead is few, the tin residue corrosion is few.

10: tin point luster, high strength, and have good conductivity.

11: backflow, preheating time can be very short, especially suitable for flexible line.


  • LCD Panel 
  • DVDRW Internal 
  • DVDRW External 
  • Keyboard 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Battery 
  • LCD Inverter 
  • LCD Hinge 
  • LCD CCFL Backlight 
  • CPU Cooler 
  • LCD Cover 
  • Keyboard Cover 
  • Tools/Items for repair Motherboard:
  • BGA Chip/VGA Chip/Power IC etc 
  • Dianosis card 
  • Reballing Station 
  • BGA Stencil 
  • Bga Solder Balls
  • Solder Paste 
  • Solder Flux 
  • DC Power Jack
  • USB Jack 
  • Other Connectors


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