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Dock Flex Test Board Battery Power Charging Dock Flex Easy Testing Board for iPhone / Android / Type-C Phone Repair

Dock Flex Test Board Battery Power Charging Dock Flex Easy Testing Board for iPhone / Android / Type-C Phone Repair

WL PRO 8000 NAND Programmer for IPHONE 4 5 6 7 8 PLUS X 11 PROMAX Battery Photosensitive Headset Data Line Tester #WL

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Pro 8000 Basic Operation Demo
1.Start up.
Use a Type-C data cable to connect the Pro 8000 to a 5V power supply, open the display, and press and hold the touch button for 5 seconds.
The buzzer alarm device starts, and the LCD screen displays the main interface.
2.Shut down
Long press the "touch key" for 5 seconds, the interface displays "whether to shut down"
Select OK. After the LCD screen is not displayed, disconnect the Type-C data cable from the device and then shut down safely.
3.Chinese / English interface switching
Click "Settings" on the main interface, then open the "Language Settings" interface,
Select the required language according to your needs, and exit the "Language Settings" interface after the selection is completed, and switch the language automatically.
4.Module operation
The Pro 8000 comprehensive programmer tester is compatible with the Bandung comprehensive tester V6 use function. Inserting the LCD module / battery module / data cable headset module and other products into the Pro 8000 will automatically recognize the module and automatically jump to the corresponding APP to enter The interface of this module.
5. Pro 8000 supports SD card insertion and removal, and can save data in SD card.
PC Operation Method:
Step 1: Install WL "Bandung Assistant"
1. Open any browser and enter the Bandung five-core technology official website URL: www.WL 8888.net
2. Open the "Download Center" after entering the official website, select the latest version "WL-Band Assistant Software Installation Package" and click "Download". After the download is complete, follow the steps to install.
3. Connect Pro 8000 to the computer via USB data cable, open "Bandung Assistant" account login and visitor login.
Step 2: Pro 8000 device upgrade steps
1. Turn off the device first.
2. Click to select the firmware to be upgraded and confirm
3. After the upgrade window pops up, press and hold the HOME key until the upgrade is complete.
Support original color repair.
Photosensitive repair is supported.
Support touch repair 
Support vibration read and write;
Support logic chip / baseband chip repair read and write.
Support battery assistant test machine over green.
Supports battery efficiency repair
Support battery authentication
Support data line / headphone identification.
Support one-click unbinding WIFI
Support hard disk damage
Support reading and writing 4S-11 Pro Max hard disk data and modification
Support hard disk full erasing, compatible with hard disks
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