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TBK-288 Automatic Phone LCD Screen Teardown Separator Machine Max 7 inches Build-in Vacuum Pump For iPhone Disassemble Repair

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TBK-288 Fully Automatic Intelligent Control Screen Removal Separating Machine Dedicated For iPhone LCD Front Glass Repair Tools



TBK 288 automatic cellphone LCD screen disassembly platform to dismantle iPhone. 2022 newest TBK 288 screen heating separator Apple Self Service repair tool for heating iPhone LCD screen and opening it automatically. Apple iPhone disassembly machine TBK-288 screen remover fixture for tearing down mobile phones automatically. 

TBK 288 fully automatic intelligent control screen removal iPhone disassembly platform, with a universal mold, one key start, accurate constant temperature heating, intelligent programmed control jacking, automatic and manual jacking switching, intelligent LCD screen control.

1. Fully automatic screen removal,just put your phone on and start it with one-key, automatic heating and screen removal
2. Universal mold for Apple iPhone series, automatic regulating heating block
3. There is no need to adapt the corresponding models separately. One automatic platform is suitable for all iPhone models(iPhone 5S-13 Pro Max), and the subsequent release of new models can be expanded infinitely
4. Frame constant temperature precise heating, thermostatically heated frame only, without damaging the inside of the phone, the battery, etc.
5. Built in vacuum pump, strong vacuum pump sucks the mobile phone, the lower suction cup absorbs the iPhone, making it more fixed and stable; the upper suction cup absorbs the iPhone to separate the LCD assembly of the iPhone from the middle frame
6. Automatic vacuum breaking
7. Intelligent program jacking, the jacking height can be controlled freely, preventing the line from being damaged by lifting
8. Automatic top mobile phone. After separation, the iPhone with automatic jacking is easy to take out, not heat, safety guarantee
9. intelligent LCD control
10. Automatic and manual switchable
11. Wide voltage(110-240V)

1. Plug in the power cable and turn on the power button
2. Put the Mobile Phone into the universal mold
3. Click the setting butong on the LCD screen to enter the parameter setting
4. Set the heating XY temperature and heating time(both sides and middle)
5. Set the jacking times of the intelligent program
6. Press the start button to start an intelligent screen removal platform

1. Intelligent program control jacking
2. Vacuum tube
3. Automatic fixture constant temperature heating.
4. Jack up mobile phon
5. Intelligent LCD screen
6. Vacuum sucker
7. Cooling holes
8. Manual top separation
9. Start button
10. Emergency Stop button

Model: TBK-288
Voltage: 110-240V
Power: 400W
Product size: 42*30*21cm
Package size: 48*38*30cm
Gross weight: 15KG